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Sled dog racings with akitas too !!! 

Today want to introduce you training program with our Akitas. We met less or more regular at training camps with people who have Husky and Alaskan, we didn't want with our Akitas to stay in the back. 

After many times we have seen this, we decided to take a part in this training. We stocked up on Sacco - Cart (dogs faster absorb the orders) and slowly started to accustom dogs to trolley. 

Well... every beginning is hard. Akitas stayed hornest and suprised... suprised... suprised and they didn't dray neather one meter. But with some patience they quickly got what we exactly want from them - they must pull and run. After few weeks it went so good that we decided take a part in Championship of the Union (VNH) in February 1998. We said: "just take a part - that's all". We had hope that our dogs stand all this section, about 15 km (in this 4 km steep up the mountain). Because everybody knows: if Akita does not like to go just stops !!! 

Before start there was a tension - difticult to stand. Our son Jonas, 15 years old, was nervous - opposite there was a to the dogs, which hadn't been interested in that what happened. We were single team with Akitas in that racing. And in the end.... Starting shot.... and it begun. Jonas started good ... and all that's left for us to do, was waiting .... after about 1 hour they achieved destination and how we could expect - with pride and dignity. Masher Jonas with two Akitas took 3 rd place. 

Meantime Jonas regular horness 3 of our 4 Akitas and he's always 2 or 2, 5 hours in the way. Running in trolley makes dogs really happy! 

We should train only in cold part of the year. In the summer when temperature allows, we go for a long walks and mountain tours then dog with horness for running pull us with pleasure. 

So, we could really reach very much with Akitas, with patience and love could drive Akitas to do everything for us. 

Thea Hopf - 02'2000r.

Akitas during the training:
Team with 3 akitas.

(c) 2000 - T. Hopf